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Wide Media was started back in 2016 with the aim of providing people with IT Services. We have offered basic computer services in printing, type-setting, photocopying among others. 
We later developed into Graphics designing, Logo designing, Website designing and IT Skills Learning.

Our Motivation.

Information technology has in the recent past developed at a very faster rate in Kenya. This has led to the need of people to get to know how to deal with the digitization as it has formed more than 60% of daily life activities.
This drives our organization into coming up with new ways of helping the low-class level citizens to catch up with this rising technology.

How we work

We have designed several way of offering our services to the individuals at very pocket friendly rates.
We have Created several IT experts in different areas through offering non-examinable skills to them. this has helped them catch up with the rising digital lifestyle and be able to improvise on the skills and become even more creative.
We also have created online tuitorals to enable distant learners get the skilss through observation and doing.

Why choose us?

We are deligated into making our clients get the best of our services without having to spend alot.
We offer very affordable services including web design, logo designs, graphics designs, Posters designs, Website Maintainance and SEO Monitoring, Social Media Maintainance and Online Learning

Our Clients


Fhasila Care Limited

Is a medical savings platform that allows you to save for all your medical needs with as low as Kes 100.00


Centenary Sacco

Centenary SACCO is a licensed savings and credit co-operative which aims at offering affordable financial services and drive its members to economic prosperity.


Unisol Communications Limited

Bring global innovation to Africa through business design, system integration and distributorship.


News Yetu Blog

Gives you access to local news as they happen.


Labspec Biochemicals Limited

Gernuine supplier of Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals


Primesite Properties Ltd

Prime site leisure Homes- Urban and Sub-urban Holiday Rentals In Kenya


Quista Housing Agency

Digital Marketing and Facebook Promotions


Tongar Logistics Limited

Your Logistics Partner in Africa